Graduate Realtor® Institute: More than the Letters

by Peggy Duffy-Shea - MAR Professional Development Manager | Dec 30, 2015
We certainly like our alphabet soup in the real estate world, but it’s for a good reason. Those three (or sometimes more) letters that come after your name, show that you’ve gone beyond what is required to become a better REALTOR®. One of the many great professional designations that is growing in both content and popularity that you should consider is the Graduate REALTOR® Institute or the “GRI.”

The GRI program started gaining popularity again in 2014 after several years of decline. Since then, we’ve doubled our enrollment and the number of graduates that have completed all six of the required two-day course programs.  

In 2015, we revamped a few of the GRI courses and paired them with topics that better complimented each other. The format of the classes has also been changed in hopes of making it easier for REALTORS®. The majority of the two-day courses in 2015 were not held on back-to-back days. Instead, they were held one week apart, allowing students to have more time for business and only taking one day out of the week in order to attend a GRI course.

We’re seeing firsthand how much REALTORS® are prioritizing getting the GRI when it comes to their careers. While the program requires students to complete six classes in three years, we’re seeing a new pattern. There has been a big jump in the number of
REALTORS® who are finishing the program in about a year and in some cases less!

Coinciding with the new patterns we are seeing, the Professional Development Committee will continue to examine the GRI and make updates to grow with the needs  of the students. Whether it’s information on risk reduction, financing the sale, building a real estate business, environmental issues, negotiating, or the latest technology, we’ll make sure GRI courses are packed with relevant information and continue to take you to the next level.

Just remember, for those interested or those planning on taking GRI courses this year, it’s more than those three letters— it’s about good education that does not end when the class is over. Whether you complete all six courses or not, you’ll be sure to learn a plethora of information that can be used daily and even more tools for your real-estate  tool belt.