The Success Track

by Sarah Walker | Aug 26, 2015
As a Realtor®, your needs and priorities are always changing. To stay ahead, you need to spot new trends as soon as possible. This desire was confirmed by MAR's 2015 Massachusetts Membership Profile, where more than 44% of members cited real estate trends, strategies for handling today's market, and industry changes as the top three types of information they needed to know this year.
If this describes you, then you're in luck, because the 2015 MAR Conference & Tradeshow is right around the corner. To help you grab hold of this key knowledge, the conference has been packed with a robust education program broken down into four specific tracks that can bring you straight to the top. 

The Four Tracks

The four tracks at the Conference urge you to switch up your routine and try something different. Always attending technology sessions? Try taking a few tech classes, but also a business planning class or a session on sales and marketing. Each track will provide essential and current information to help you gain insight on current trends to boost your career.

The sales and marketing track will help you to better serve your clients and to represent them confidently and professionally. The broker-owner track capitalizes on the legalities in real estate, how to deal with agents, and how to provide a solid foundation to help a business grow. Business planning is an essential part of the industry and the sessions on this track help develop ideas, give advice when planning for the future, and provide information on how to handle the different aspects of a successful business that are often times pushed aside.

Finally, the technology track introduces top tools you should be using and goes beyond how  to use this new technology when you're at home or in your office, to show you how best to use it when you are with clients. This track also illustrates the many ways technology is used to make that transaction go smoothly.

So how do you choose which track to follow? This year's national speakers agree that
it is extremely important to have substantial knowledge in each of these tracks in order to excel and be a reliable, smart Realtor®. Jan Hargrave, one of the top national speakers at the conference, mentions that being an expert on one topic is not going to make a Realtor® more successful, but compares the different tracks offered at
the conference to a whole pie, "Every slice is important and eating a few different pieces can really help a business grow;' she says.

Conference speaker Chris Bird sees many Realtors® making a lot of money, but struggling to maintain a successful business, therefore learning the different fields of business is important. He cites that, "The benefit of [ sampling the different] tracks at the conference means the information on how to be a more effective Realtor® is being readily provided and will bring you closer to building a net worth and accomplishing your various goals."

Speaker Andrew Dorn, concludes that crossing the education tracks offered will provide Realtors® with the latest information in all areas of the business, helping you to climb to the top of your game, while growing your customer base.

Like a trip through your local grocery store that gives out free samples, below you can meet some of the instructors and get a better feel for what they'll be teaching at the MAR Conference and Trade Show in September.

The Sales Track:
Jan Hargrave

Jan teaches the different ways bodies communicate to the world. She is the author of Let Me See Your Body Talk, Freeway of Love, Judge The Jury and Strictly Business Body Language. For the past 10 years, Jen has worked with thousands in the field of personal growth and self­expression through seminars and workshops.

Jan Hargrave's sessions at the conference are in both the business and sales tracks. Her instruction focuses mostly on communication and how people express themselves in different ways. But Hargrave finds that many people think they know everything there is to know about communication and how it can affect sales and an overall business. Not everyone realizes the power or importance of body language; instead they think communication has mostly to do with saying the right things.

In reality, Hargrave points out that there are four different personalities people possess, and part of your job as a Realtor® is to understand your client's type through reading body language paired with verbal communication. In order to have a solid and confident relationship with your existing clients and prospective ones-understanding them is the first and most essential step!

Understanding a client is not the only "must" in order to make a sale. You also need to realize what kind of message you are communicating with the way you move, speak, and even the way you listen. "We can hear a client, but that doesn't mean we listening," says Hargrave. "When dealing with different clients and improving a business, effective communication takes the brain, heart, and body. Once you learn how to understand the different communication tactics, it's a win-win, no matter what the personality may be."

Hargrave's two sessions at this year's conference 'The Importance of Nonverbal Communication: How to Tell if Someone Is Lying', and
'Negotiating Successfully Through Understanding and Recognizing Personality Differences' offer ways to improve businesses by communicating correctly with a sender and receiver, because in the end, Hargrave says, "you must have both." You will be able to put her surefire tactics to work immediately to see successful results. 

Business Planning and Broker-owner tracks:

Chris Bird

Chris has been in the financial business for over 30 years. He began offering courses in the field after leaving the IRS and starting his own company, Chris Bird Seminars, Inc. Chris has conducted over 125 seminars a year on taxes, wealth building, residential rental property ownership, and tax strategies for the real estate and financial industries nationwide.

Bird's session is part of the business planning as well as broker-owner track to help you plan for your future. Many business owners hire an outside financial planner or tax preparer when it is not necessary. Getting to know alJ aspects of a business should be a key priority and self-reliance should be a must­this way the future won't be in someone else's hands, but in the hands of the person it directly affects. "Many self-employed individuals think that their tax preparer is all knowing and will tell them what they need to do to both save on taxes and plan financially. Few tax professionals can successfully wear both hats or be good at both;' says Bird.

Instead, Bird thinks you have the intelligence to successfully plan for your future. You just need to put it to work after learning the essential information. For example, Bird's session 'Solid Investment and Retirement Strategies for Realtors® in 2015' will teach strategies that will effectively reduce your taxes, show how to use retirement accounts more effectively, highlight the real benefits of owning real estate investment properties, as well as teach strategies to reduce self employment social security liabilities. These tactics can be put to work immediately so there won't be any more excuses: you'll know exactly what to do and how to plan.

Also, Bird offers insight on making sound decisions on purchasing stocks, mutual funds, and bonds. "Most people have the intelligence to successfully plan for their future. However, it is important to invest in assets that you both understand and that you can control;' he explained. These tactics can be put to work immediately so there won't be any more excuses: you'll know exactly what to do and how to plan. Mostly, you'll feel confident afte1wards and no longer rely on outsiders to steer your business, but only yourself. 

Technology Track:
Andrew Dorn

Dorn has over a decade of experience as a national speaker. Dorn focuses on implementing technology, effective marketing strategies, and relevant tools that benefit real estate professionals in today's market. He speaks at over 100 real estate conventions, seminars, and events every year.

Andrew Dorn will teach two sessions at the conference in the technology track. Technology has taken on a large role in real estate for the past few years and has thrown a lot of people for a loop. Dom understands that technology can be very intimidating when new gadgets come on the scene that promise to make businesses grow quickly.

The changing landscape is not just overwhelming, but sometimes baffling.
"It can be confusing to Realtors® to know what systems, tools, and technologies are really going to help versus those that may be flashy and shiny but don't contribute to their business in any substantial manner;' said Dorn.

This is where Dorn's sessions and other sessions in the technology track will be very helpful. You will know the proven systems, tools, and technologies that real estate professionals can use without wasting time and energy on those that don't.

Dom's sessions won't just cover new apps and tools to use, but will also provide the top technologies that can help your follow up with live client meetings.
Dom feels his sessions 'The Secret Language of Internet Leads' and 'Open Seasons on Open Houses' will open your eyes about the future regarding technology. Despite common misconceptions about technology eventually providing less interaction
with people, you will learn how embracing and leveraging technology is a person-to-person decision. Taking the time to learn these false facts and also about the truths regarding tech tools, simply means becoming a better, well-rounded Realtor®.

You know that education is a must, so take the time to educate yourself, like Jan Hargrave says, take different slices of the pie at this year's Conference. Each piece is sure to have a different taste, but satisfy nonetheless. To learn more about the education tracks offered at this year's MAR Conference & Tradeshow and to see the opportunities to grow your skills' visit