All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

by User Not Found | Jun 29, 2016
Did you know that for the past four years, MAR has been conducting member research to get a better understanding of what our business challenges are and what we need and want from the Association? After looking at the results, what jumped out at me from the research were the answers to the question “How often do you go into the office?” Here’s how we responded:
- 22 percent of Massachusetts Realtors® work in their “office” often or very often.
- 78 percent are in the office not very often, seldom, or only to meet clients.

It’s quite obvious to me that Realtors®, in this day and age of virtual offices and mobile devices, have truly embraced the “mobile office” concept.  

However, this embrace of the mobile office also leaves me with several questions. For example, how does this phenomenon REALLY impact us? Is it a blessing to have the flexibility of working from wherever we might be and scheduling our day on our own? Or are we always “on the clock,” and never able to get away? Do we constantly have our laptop or smart devices with us? Do we love this? Or do we burn out because of it? What would (or do) our families say? How has this changed our business relationships and friendships? What has this done to the office culture? 

As a sales manager of multiple offices, it is challenging to provide the environment to nurture the different business styles of agents in today’s world. And it is far different from my real estate work experience 30 years ago. I can’t help wondering if all of this “freedom” is taking away from the benefits and support you get from face-to-face interaction with your fellow agents? 

All these questions bring me back to the concept of the “Realtor® Family,” (the focus of my presidential term.) As Realtors®, I truly believe we need each other – for professional, educational, and even emotional support.  I also feel that our Realtor® relationships can be a vital part of our business success – networking, learning, growing our businesses, and increasing our skill levels. 

For me, seeing my colleagues from around the state and country – be it at Realtor® Day on Beacon Hill, at local events, or at NAR conferences and conventions - is a significant part of my life. Being a member of the Realtor® family is very important to me for all those reasons. However, I also understand that not every Realtor®-member has the same type of relationship with the Association as I do – and that’s ok!

Whether you go into the office a lot or hardly ever, I want you to know that your Realtor® Association is there for you. Do you want to get really involved and develop new relationships? Do you want to talk to colleagues who might have a different perspective or experiences than you? Or do you just want to take a class here and there? The Realtor® Association is like an all-you-can-eat buffet. You can take as little or as much as you like and keep going back for more. I’m convinced that the more you sample the offerings, the more you’ll want to come back.