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It’s a Listing Agent’s Market—Are you Securing All the Listings You Deserve?

by Rich Carrione, Partnership for Realty and Oilheat Success (PRO$) | Jun 27, 2018
While buyers’ agents can run around for months (or longer!) with their clients, it’s the listing agent who’s guaranteed the commission. And in a market like this one, the key to having a big-sales year is to secure more listings. 

There are many ways to position yourself as the premier listing agent in your market area. One way you may not have considered is to become the expert in listing and selling oil-heated homes. Nearly one-third of all homes in Massachusetts are heated with oil, and buyers have lots of questions about this home heat source. That means you can increase your attractiveness to sellers and be seen as the perfect representative for their property. 

Here are three tips to become the preferred listing agent for prospective clients:

Tout Your Relationships with Local Oil Companies
You never know when questions or problems will arise on a property that you’re listing. Let your sellers know that no matter what happens, you know exactly whom to call to solve a problem. Whether it’s an issue about a 40-year old boiler or a question about transferring fuel in the tank to the new buyer, let your sellers know that your relationships with local companies means you’ve got things covered. And if you don’t currently have a good relationship with an oil provider in your area, go make some new friends. Dealers will be more than happy to support you! You can find a list of local dealers at 

Learn the Lingo and Sound Like an Expert

There’s an old saying that if you know five percent more than your audience, you’re the expert. In your business, that adage holds true, but it’s better to shoot for 10 percent! Get comfortable with some industry terminology so you are expanding your knowledge and are more likely to be perceived as a pro:

  • The difference between a home that heats with a furnace or a boiler – a furnace is a forced-air system that pumps heated air through air ducts and a boiler is a water (hydronic) system that sends hot water through radiators and baseboards.
  • Programs offered by oil companies – Speaking effectively about heating oil companies and the services they offer—like monthly payment plans, service plans, fixed price programs and more—will communicate to sellers that you can effectively market their home and represent their property in the most positive light.
  • The economics of today’s energy prices – Heating prices are driven primarily by traditional economic forces of supply and demand. Because we are producing more oil domestically than at almost any point in our history and global demand for fuel has slowed, oil prices fell recently. The forecast is that we’ve reached a new normal and can expect moderate heating oil prices for the next three to five years. Showcasing your knowledge of pricing is another feather in your cap and one that will show sellers just how knowledgeable you really are.
Augment Your Listing Packet with Pro-oil Materials

Don’t tell sellers that you’re an oilheat expert; show them. Use materials like the Homeowner’s Guide to Oilheat and Guide to Heating Oil Storage Tanks to show sellers that you have access to materials that other agents just don’t have. Ask them if they’ve seen these materials before or if other agents have shown them the same kinds of tools to sell their home. Chances are, sellers won’t have seen these materials. If sellers are confident that you have strategies for selling their home that no one else has, you’re the one who’s likely to secure the listing. You can order these materials for free at 
And of course, reach out to PRO$ at any point during your year, or visit for even more information. We are here to support your ability to close more sales!