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Advocacy plays an important role in the REALTOR Association by vigorously supporting the right of every citizen of the Commonwealth to purchase, sell, develop, lease, manage, own, and use private property with the fullest freedom possible. According to independent research, 87% of REALTORS® listed legislative/lobbying efforts as a reason for being a REALTOR®.  These efforts happen at the local, state, and national level with the REALTOR Party Initiative supporting you by:

  • Lobbying on behalf of REALTORS®
  • Supporting homeownership rights
  • Being a watch dog for political changes relative to property rights
  • Supporting candidates favorable to the real estate industry
  • Tracking legislation that impacts the real estate industry

Representing Your Interests

Government Affairs supports homeownership values by advocating for or against various legislation, researching and educating members about legislative issues, and  showing support and dedication to private property rights and homeownership in Massachusetts.  Accomplishments such as these strengthen the economy, the housing market and the real estate industry.

uTax credits for Lead Paint, Title V and Capital Gains were maintained after a proposed repeal in the state budget.

uFHA and ensuring Secondary Mortgage Market Finance have been preserved by stalling the passage of the Protecting American Taxpayers and Homeowners (PATH) Act.

uThe Debt Management Services bill was successfully amended to allow REALTORS® to continue to work with lenders and sellers in short sales without the fear of violating the law.

Advocacy Initiatives  Affect Your Wallet

Advocacy for the REALTOR Party Initiatives can really affect your wallet…POSTITIVELY! The work of your REALTOR Association has saved REALTORS hundreds if not thousands of dollars through eliminations of taxes, fees and mandates.  Here are just some of the savings found on the MAR Value Calculator at

MAR Advocacy Calculator

Energy Scoring: Average savings per transaction for MAR’s work to Defeat Energy Scoring - $500

Environmental Disclosure: Per transaction savings for MAR’s work to Defeat Environmental Disclosure - $250

Lead Inspection Mandate: Per transaction savings for MAR’s work for Defeat of Lead Inspection Mandate - $250

Local Sign Fees: Per listing savings for MAR’s work to Defeat Local Sign Fees - $25

Tax Services: Your savings for MAR’s work to help defeat proposed tax on Services - $2000


Take Action

REALTORS® have endless possibilities to engage in local, state, and federal advocacy. Answering Calls for Action, which are automated alerts from your local, state or national Association; contributing to RPAC in support of industry-minded candidates; and attending political fundraising events are but three ways to get involved in advocacy as a REALTOR®.

The most important REALTOR® events of the year, REALTOR® Day on Beacon Hill and the REALTOR Party Convention in Washington, D.C, are annual grass roots lobbying days when members from across the state and country come together to show support and dedication to private property rights and homeownership, and meet with State and Federal Representatives and Senators to discuss critical issues that affect the real estate industry and private property.  


Get involved