MAR Member Research

For the past few years, MAR has partnered with MEG Research to gain insight into our membership and their needs.We interview a cross-section of 400 Massachusetts Realtor®-members by telephone in an extensive 70+ question interview. We discuss their attitudes about MAR Communication programs, renewing membership, and awareness of specific member programs. The resulting outcomes and recommendations from each study are listed below.*

2018 MAR Member Profile
  • The Code of Ethics is cited as the: 1. Number one reason for belonging to M.A.R. 2. Number one member benefit 3. Number one thing M.A.R. can do to help its members in today’s real estate market (i.e., better enforcement). All three of the aforementioned have increased each year since the first benchmark Membership Study in 2012.
  • REALTORS® strongly believe that the market is fundamentally sound and well-positioned for further growth. Higher interest rates loom on the horizon, inventory problems are here already – but, members remain strongly positive about the prospects for the residential real estate market.
  • 87% of members plan on still being REALTORS® and in the real estate business three years from now. This figure has improved every year since 2012.
  • Member average age peaked in 2015 at 56 and declined each year thereafter to a current average age of 51.


2017 MAR Member Profile
  • The top eight reasons for belonging to the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® are mentioned by more than half of all members and include: Code of Ethics (up 10% over 2016); Legislative & lobbying efforts; Networking, referrals; Keeping abreast of real estate trends; Learn about best practices;  My REALTOR® Mentor Program; Bay State REALTOR® magazine & other publications or communications; zipForms® plus and other real estate forms
  • Most REALTORS® (92%, a 4% increase over 2016 and a 15% increase over 2012) are full-time professionals
  • 83% of members plan on still being REALTORS® and in the real estate business three years from now. This is a 7% increase over 2016 and 11% increase over 2015.


2016 MAR Member Profile
  • 82% of all members believe that the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® helps them succeed in their real estate business –up from 73% in 2012.
  • The top six reasons for belonging to the MAR are mentioned by more than half of all members and include: Legislative and lobbying effort, Code of Ethics, Networking and referrals, Keeping abreast of real estate trends, Learn about best practices, My REALTOR® Mentor Program

2015 MAR Member Profile
  • REALTORS® nationally are aging and is the case for MAR.
  • Members are in near universal support of the
    Code of Ethics.
  • There is a need to put a particular emphasis on becoming more mobile friendly – this is the number one way members want to consume information.


2014 MAR Member Profile
  • Over three-quarters of all members believed MAR helps them succeed in their real estate business.
  • Members very likely to make a voluntary choice to join their Local Board of REALTORS® or MAR increased significantly from 2012 to 2014.
  • Since 2012, significant improvement has been made. The percentage of members who believe MAR delivers just the right amount of information and communications increased from 36% in 2012 to 53% in 2014.

2012 MAR Member Profile
Mass. REALTORS® Want More in Communications and Social Media.

In late 2012, MAR conducted comprehensive research of its membership in order to glean a better understanding of the needs of its members. It showed that REALTORS® today contend not only with a complex sales process, but they also have to adapt to the way they market their businesses as well. The rise of the Internet and social media sites, as well as the changing demands of younger, first-time buyers, make it vital for real estate professionals to have up-to-date data and training that is meaningful to their businesses. Research was conducted to include an evaluation of members encompassing development, testing, and analysis using the Delphi Telephone Interviewing method. A robust statistical sampling was used.
Below is a snapshot of the findings of the research on Massachusetts REALTORS® including the Executive Summary and Company Profile and Methodology conducted by Market Enhancement Group, Inc.
For Full Market Research Findings Click the Image Below


*In market research unaided responses are always more important than aided questions, because they require specific knowledge and/or attitudes on the part of the member and there is no opportunity to bias or lead the respondent.

The research is a scientific analysis that yields results that are statistically projectable at two standard deviations (a 95% confidence level). Overall data is subject to a maximum sampling error of +/- 5.0%.