Call For Action -

Are you enrolled in the FREE Calls For Action (CFA) program?
The list of Brokers enrolled in Massachusetts is available here.

WHY? CFAs always involve issues that are extremely important to your business...for instance, protecting the mortgage interest deduction, urging passage of a law to deter thefts of copper pipes from homes, and opposing a state sales tax on services. Help increase CFA participation and sign up here for the free Broker Involvement Program.
HOW? Once a part of the Broker Involvement Program, Calls for Action will be sent automatically from you to your agents. They are more likely to open an email that comes from you. The current member response rate to National and Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® legislative “Call for Action” (CFA) emails is way too low. Seeing that you're involved and interested in the issue, they will respond.

WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU? Every Massachusetts Broker who has signed up for the program helps RPAC reach its 2017 Fundraising goal while advocating for legislation that affects real, on-the-ground issues for REALTORS®. Now, more than ever, your agents are looking to you for leadership and guidance. By showing your support in getting involved in issues that affect our industry, you will be making the REALTOR® voice even more effective.

Thank you for taking a moment to sign up.

Rita Coffey
2018 MAR President