MAR Governance Restructure

2012 Strategic Plan, enforced in 2014 plan

MAR Strategic Objective 2: Develop a more efficient governance structure for MAR. 

Key Initiative M2.1          Structural Audit Task Force
A task force has been appointed to conduct a governance review, examining the current policies and governance structure of MAR and recommending changes likely to provide superior member services with less expenditure of volunteer and staff time.  The task force will look at internal decision making procedures at MAR with the intent of simplifying decision making and appropriately empowering staff.  It is likely that a consultant will be engaged to assist the task force.  It is likely that the process will involve significant member outreach.

Click Here to review the Proposed Governance Structure.
For further information and to submit questions concerning the process, visit our new Governance Restructure blog. If you were unable to attend the Proposed Governance Town Hall Forum review the summary and watch the recorded meeting on the Proposed Structure page