Comtel Group is one of the nation’s most experienced telecommunications agencies providing independent, non-fee based consulting and services management. Beyond traditional brokerages and consultancies,Comtel Group is your permanent and total communications solutions partner and advocate.Working with us is like having an expert telecom advisor on staff for the life of your service without ever paying a consulting fee.Our goal is to optimize your experience and raise the standards of how business telecommunications services are bought, sold and managed.

How does it work?

Step 1. We conduct an exhaustive review, at no cost or obligation, of your current communications technologies to expose areas for savings and improvement. Consider us your single source for RFPs.

Step 2. We analyze the data and review our findings with you, presenting the pros and cons for various carrier solutions.

Step 3. We collectively decide on vendor solutions best suited for your business. We put together a plan to ensure your communications are on the right track to meet your goals.

Step 4. We assign a team to manage the implementation of your new services, and we oversee every step of the process.You’ll enjoy the benefits of our leverage and vendor clout to ensure your priorities are also the vendor’s priorities.

Step 5. We are here for the life of your service to be your constant advocate – handling escalations troubleshooting,moves, adds and changes.We have unique access to higher levels and hand-chosen key contacts, which are not available through retail channels.

And the best part, it's ALL FREE to members!

Please Contact Nikki Day to get started. You can also call 781-577-5408 to schedule network and service evaluation.

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