Taxbot -   It is an expense tracking system designed to save you THOUSANDS every year. 

Join thousands of happy real estate agents and save $1,000s on your taxes every year. Taxbot is an easy to use mileage and expense tracking app coupled with expert training tools by Sandy Botkin. The one touch system captures your expenses and mileage in real time which are sent to the cloud and stored securely in a dynamic web portal. Download custom business reports that integrate with your current accounting tools. You can edit records, add new information, and create dynamic budgets all with the Taxbot system.

Click here to access Targeted Tax Breaks for Your Business! ebook. This 46-page guide will teach you everything you need to know about the amazing tax breaks available for real estate professionals including:

1. How to get free gas for your car? We will show you that if you track your vehicle usage properly and with some planning ahead you can get your gas essentially for net zero cost!

2. How to turn meals into money? It's true! With a little foreknowledge and planning you can turn your meals into tax deductions

3. How to claim a home office We will show you how to qualify for a home office that will save you $1,000's every year!

4. How to deduct medical expenses? With Obamacare there are a lot of changes. Learn how a self insured medical reimbursement plan can put healthy returns in the bank!

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