Under a partnership between the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® and Herald Media, Inc., MAR members may now post free announcements of weekend Open Houses in the Boston Herald’s Friday real estate section. 

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Only REALTORS® may take advantage of this free service, so you must login here to access the submission form. The Boston Herald will now accept fewer ads for open houses than have been previously accepted due to space constraints. Ads will be accepted on a first come, first served basis, any ads submitted over the limit will not be printed.


Q: If I submit a listing, when will it appear in the Herald?
A: Listings submitted through MAR will only appear in the Friday edition of the Herald. The list is at the beginning of the Herald’s regular real estate section.

Q: What is the deadline for submitting listings to the Herald?
A: Listings must be submitted by 5PM on Wednesday to appear in the upcoming Friday’s Herald. In addition, a maximum of 190 listings can be printed in the Herald each week.

Q: Why can I put so little information about my property in the Herald?
A: In order to accommodate as many listings as possible in a limited amount of space, only the most essential information about the property can be published.

Q: Why is the required formatting so strict?
A: The formatting requirements are very precise so the people reading the Herald can quickly find the information they want. If everyone entered listing info in a different way it would detract from the overall quality of the free open house listing section.

Q: Can my listing really be deleted for improper or incomplete formatting?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Can I get a receipt or some other notification about the listings I’ve submitted?
A: Unfortunately, the system no longer generates an automatic confirmation email.  If you received an error message of some kind when you submitted your ad, feel free to contact Customer Service to confirm whether or not your ad was received.  Otherwise, as long as the confirmation screen appears after you submit your ad, you can assume that it will appear in that Friday's edition of the Herald, provided that it was formatted correctly and did not exceed the strict limit of 190 listings.

Q: Can I edit a listing after I submit it?
A: Currently we ask that you double-check the information you’ve entered before pressing the “Submit” button. Listing information can be changed by special request only if you send an email to info@marealtor.com containing the town/city name of the listing, the street address you entered, and details on what information should be changed. Changes must be received before 4:45PM.

Q: I need to cancel a listing I entered. What should I do?
A: We understand that cancellations must occasionally be made. If you need to cancel a listing you submitted, send an email to info@marealtor.com with “Delete Herald listing” in the subject line. In the message body please include your contact information and the street address and town of the property. Deletion requests must be received before 4:45PM.

Q: The listing I submitted didn’t appear in the Herald. Why not?
A: There are four common causes. The most common reason your listing didn’t appear is because all information was not included in your submission so it was deleted. Another possible reason is that your listing was submitted after the deadline for that week, in which case it will appear in the following week’s Herald edition. The third common cause is that we reached our limit of 190 listings for the week and yours was not submitted in time. The fourth, and least common cause, is that we did not reach our minimum number of listings required to be printed. This occasionally happens on holiday weekends when there are very few open houses.

If you have any questions that are not answered by this FAQ, you may call MAR customer service at 1-800-725-6272.