Broker Summit

  • Dates: 27 – 27 Jun, 2018
Broker Summit
June 27, 2018
MAR HQ: 333 Wyman Street #200 Waltham
Price: $39

About the Broker Summit:
Learn the social media do's and don'ts for brokers, top legal issues we are hearing from members, essential policy manual items and how your teams should legally be doing business. The summit is open to brokers and managers.
Seating is limited.

Broker Summit Sessions:

Are Your Teams Putting You at Risk?
Understand what the state requires your teams to share with the consumer, advertisements, and more.

Top Five Items in a Policy Manual
Learn the must haves in every manual to protect you and your business.

Social Media Do's and Dont's
Learn where to get content, why you need a Facebook business page, and how your agent might be putting you at risk.

Best Practices for Independent Contractors

This session covers what your agents should be doing as independent contractors under your management.


Tales from the Board of Registration

Learn about the top complaints the Board of Registration receives.

Speakers: Kimberly Allard, Paula Savard, Mike Krone, Stephen Perry, Esq., and James O'Connor