GRI 201: Tools of the Trade

  • Dates: 04 – 09 Oct, 2018

GRI 201: Tools of the Trade

Dates: October 4 & October 9
Where: Waltham are. Exact location, TBA.
Price: $250

Learn to:
-Understand lending, closing costs, loans and credit scores
-Negotiate effectively
-Serve clients within the law and the Code

Overview: Students learn the basics of financing, from pre-approvals to credit scores, so their clients can get the best possible program. The course also explores the three critical elements of negotiation through a series of group exercises. The Code of Ethics portion explores the foundation of real estate practice and how to serve clients and customers within the law.

Note: This is a TWO-Day Course and GRI courses can be taken in any order.

Check out the full schedule and more by visiting the GRI website.